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Mar. 07, 2004Sakura Elementary (Japan) and Matsuyama Elementary (Sacramento, CA) finalized the sister school agreement.

The introduction of exchange programs between Matsuyama and Sakura Elementary Schools!
Sakura succeeded in live video chat with Matsuyama!

     (Feb. 19, 2003)  Sakura Elementary School had a 
                      wonderful live video chat with Matsuyama 
                      Elementary School on Feb. 19 (Feb. 18 in 
                      CA., local time).

Details on this video chat is here.

(Nov. 14, 2002) Sakura and Matsuyama become sister schools?
Announced at Welcome Party

      (Nov. 1, 2002) Mr. Ralph Sugimoto of Matsuyama Sacramento
                     Sister City Corporation said at the welcome
                     party, "We are actively working on the 
                     arrangement of sister schools between Sakura 
                     and Matsuyama Elementary Schools".
Details on this sister shool issue is here.

38 delegates from Sacramento
Welcome Party for Sacramento Delegates

        (Nov. 1, 2002) Sacramento 38 delegates have visited 
                       Matsuyama from Nov. 1 through 4.
                       A welcome dinner party was held on 
                       Nov. 1 at Zennikku Hotel.
Details on Welcome Party is here.

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